Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Reading Rush 2019 TBR

The Reading Rush (previously called Book-Tube-A-Thon) is a week long read-a-thon from 22 July to 28 July 2019.

As I set a goal for myself at the start of the year to participate in more read-a-thons, I thought this would be ideal for me.

My TBR for it is pictured below.

The book that fits each challenge is as follows:

1. Read a book with purple on the cover

For this I chose Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'Brien. I had to read this book for school when I was 8 and as that was a year of my life that I spent a lot of time in hospital, I have no idea if I ever even finished it.

2. Read a book sitting in the same spot

For this I chose You're The One That I Want by Cecily von Ziegesar. This is the next book in the Gossip Girl series. I am starting to regret that I set myself the goal of completing this series in 2019 but nonetheless, it is perfect for this challenge as I read them very quickly.

3. Read a book you meant to read last year

For this I chose Fahrenheit 451 as I actually started it last year and got around 20 pages in before I had to put it down for Victober and never got around to continuing it.

4. Read an Author's first work

For this I chose The Break Up Artist by Philip Siegel. As far as I can tell from a little research, this is the author's first published work. I won this book in a giveaway from the publisher years ago so it's probably for the best that I am finally getting to it.

5. Read a book with a non-human character

For this I chose White Fang by Jack London. This is the book that I am most nervous about reading from this list. I read The Call of the Wild earlier this year and was appalled at the amount of animal violence and cruelty was included. Hopefully this book will be different.

6. Read a book with 5 or more words in the title

For this I chose The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Albom. I am looking forward to this book because I really enjoyed Albom's other book Tuesday's with Morrie. 

7. Read a book and watch its adaptation

For this I'm going to re-read Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding. I absolutely hated this book when I read it nearly a decade ago and so I hope now that I am older, and closer to Bridget's age that I can relate to it more and have a better reading experience with it. Plus I can't recall ever even watching the movie so that will be a new experience. 

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